Northern Lights Photos

Welcome to I'm a big fan of Northern lights, and I've made this list of great places to find beautiful photos of Northern Lights. Check 'm out, they deserve a visit!


Northern Lights Time Lapse

The first photo is... a video! A beautiful timelapse by National Geographic I didn't want to keep from you guys.... Absolutely gorgeous, no?


Northern Lights Move South

Flickr Editor Mike Krumboltz created this beautiful editorial about the Northern Lights in Canada and the US back in 2010 when solar storms pushed them more south than ever before. Click the photo on the right to pay Flickr a visit!

northern lights south

The Aurora Page

Photographer Jan Curtis supplied the beautiful northern lights photos on "The Aurora Page" on Michigan Tech's site. Gorgeous!

northern lights aurora

The Theory behind Northern Lights

There exist various theories for northern lights. During the ancient days, the civilizations thought such light shows as a sign of a disgruntled god. With the passage of time, numerous technologies advancements blessed humankind. Now we know why northern lights (or Aurora Borealis as the scientific community has termed it) occur.

However, you must realize that there are numerous mysteries, which remain unsolved throughout the years. Although researchers and astrophysicists gave ample levels of explanation for these northern lights, a small share of the population still considers Aurora Borealis as a doing of the UFOs or the extra-terrestrials.

What are the changes that occur in the atmosphere when northern lights materialize? As touted in the term, these lights often occur at 65 to 72 degrees in the northern latitudes. A similar phenomenon also occurs in the southern latitude (Aurora Australis); for the time being, we will concentrate on the northern lights.

According to eminent physicists, Aurora Borealis occurs due to the interaction of electrically charged particles emancipating from the sun and the upper strata of the ionosphere. The sun is a huge ball of fire that does not extinguish thanks to the continuous nuclear reactions occurring on its surface. At times, it discharges electrical particles (often termed as solar wind) into the solar system. Since our planet lies directly in the path of these solar winds, our ionosphere attracts these electrically stimulated particles. The result is simply spectacular you will be greeted with a display of beautiful lights on the northern hemisphere.

If you are trying it hard to analyze the scenario, think about the common television set situated in your living room. How does the TV create an image on the surface of the screen? There are electron guns that produce a bean of electrons; these electrons fall on the phosphor-coated surface of the TV screen and give rise of moving colorful pictures.

You must realize that the above-mentioned explanation is the only justifiable insight given to the modern world by the scientists. According to insider sources, they are themselves perplexed with the occurrence of northern lights. One of the primary factors is the following the display of lights in the northern hemisphere occurs only intermittently. It has become tough for these experts to predict the occurrences of Aurora Borealis. Another alternate explanation happens to be Aurora is caused due to the interaction of magnetic forces of the earth and the magnetic field created by the earlier mentioned solar winds!

What are the color options displayed by these northern lights? As mentioned earlier, during each occurrence, the pattern seems to differ. For instance, physicists have noted almost all colors such as red, blue, green and even violet. Spend some time on the internet and you will be able to find thousands of high-resolution photographs of northern lights. Giving due weightage of believers of tradition and superstitions, the northern lights have managed to generate ample share of folk tales in many communities. What do you think about them? Do keep us posted with your findings.

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